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How's My Driving?

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This is a Relationship post for the character Norma Beatty from the game Tales of Legendia.

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[Wow, okay, so...last weekend. Norma had no clue where the hell that went. She did have plans for them, but. Yeah. Oh, well! Today can be the day she goes out then. But not just to go out and get out of the house, oh no. Norma has a mission, and that mission invokes her to don a clever disguise. You see, she's searching for someone, someone who's looking to steer clear of her, most likely.

She keeps the hood of her jacket up, letting the shadow cover the majority of her face, and doesn't speak a word to anyone as she skulks around the village, stalking in a fashion much like a real cat - gotta play the part! If she does have to talk, for whatever reason, Norma will employ one of her less known talents - imitation. She'll use a voice that isn't her own, or even parrot the voice speaking to her, to an astoundingly good degree - given the voice isn't too low key and masculine. Mostly, though, she just pretends to be a cat, with a brilliant imitation of a real cat's meow.

Her first haunt is the bar, where she slinks in and wanders around, before putting those giant paws on the bar's counter and peering over it. Maybe she can get a drink here if she's lucky...

Next is the restaurant, then the bakery - where Norma gives in to her hunger and gets a sweet treat for herself. Hey, it's hard work going around in disguise like this!

After she gets bored, and if she doesn't find the person she's looking for, Norma will just prowl around the central plaza and scare people in her fun outfit. Better put this thing to some kind of good use, other than keeping her nice and toasty. Plus, after her day of disappointment, a good bit of mischief is always nice. ...Just so long as she doesn't get caught by someone...not quite so forgiving.

And finally when the sun is sinking low into the horizon, Norma finds herself at the beach. It's there, and only there, that she removes her "disguise", and digs through her bag. Her journal tumbles out, but she pays it no heed, not even when it falls open and begins recording. No, she's searching for something she always carries on her at all times. Finding it, the girl smiles, and holds it up to the light, letting the last of the sun's rays hit it. It was a stone--no, a jewel fragment, colored like the sea with a mix of blue and green. As the sounds of the waves rush back and crash into the sandy shore, the jewel almost seems to, faintly, respond to it. The sea. It shimmers some, but that certainly must be just from the setting sun...or that's what Norma thinks.

She sighs, back to the journal's recording camera, and keeps her hand, and her treasure, held aloft.]

One wish...huh. Not very useful now, are you?
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This is a joint Fourth Wall post for Norma Beatty, Dist the Rose, and Miyabi. Leave a note in the subject line for which character you want to interact with!

NORMA: Will be in the plaza by the fountain, people watching and looking for the faces of anyone she recognizes.
DIST: Will be exiting the library and gawking at all the people that suddenly turned up. He will then make an attempt to go to Seventh Heaven for piano practice and home to safety.
MIYABI: Will be in the plaza from 8am in the morning as her tiny self, dodging feet left and right and screaming at people to watch where they're stepping. All while carrying two new paintbrushes. From 2pm onward, she will be sized up for her safety and hanging around the forest for some bloody peace and quiet and trying to paint (Please also specify what size you want her to be, big or small!).
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[Wow. Okay, so...having a broken leg seriously, really sucks. Hard. Norma's laying in bed at the battle dome clinic, her leg wrapped in a jolly 'ol cast. She's stiff, she's sore, and good lord is she bored out of her very mind! There is nothing to do here! She can't just sit around here for - what did the doctors say? - three weeks and be expected to do nothing! Sure, the bed was comfortable, and the staff brought her pretty much whatever she asked for, but...aaagh! It was so boring! She needed to get up, go out, explore! Do things! Fun things.

So, Norma reaches for her journal that was laying on a nearby nightstand, snatches it up, and makes an announcement, giving a small wave to the journal and a big, bright smile. Anyone looking closely, and with an eye for detail, may note the change in environments behind her. That is definitely not Norma's room...given by the beeping monitors and sounds filtering through the audio.]

Yo! Gooood morning everyone! Treasure hunter extraordinaire, Norma Beatty here with a very important question for you all! You know that whacky experiment we just had, right? With those, uh...horror-scopes? Yeah, that one. Well, my question is this, so listen up real good!

[And here her voice and expression changes, to one of gloom and doom. Norma Beatty is a very unhappy camper right now.]

How many of you all got "eaten by coyotes"? Or had your singing voices insulted by the Malno-nos?! Or, got you leg broken by those flea-bitten, mangy, slobbering, sons of--!

[Norma stops herself, clears her throat, and forces a very poisonous smile back onto her face. Right, calm. She is calm, she is happy, she is going to kick the hell out of something when her leg is fixed up. ...In three weeks. ROAR.

She expects flowers. And stuffed animals. And candy.


Anyway, that was my question, and now for my announcement! ...Well, it's not really an announcement, I guess, but more a performance! Since those stupid Malno-nos think I can't sing worth my weight in gald, I'm going to show them otherwise! So you all gotta shut up and watch, or listen...whatever, because I don't do this often, okay? Three, two, one....action!

[And Norma begins singing. Like, really singing. She doesn't actually try to sing well very often indeed, so this is a very rare "performance"she's putting on. Norma usually sings tunes about herself for fun, but right now she has a point to prove! Stupid Malno-nos think she can't sing, huh?! Well, she'll show them a thing or two! And when she's done, she'll hold up the "victory" sign, winking.]

Not bad, huh?
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[Forward-dated to tomorrow morning.]

[The house was way too quiet. Even for a heavy sleeper like Norma, she was usually awakened by the smell of breakfast cooking, and the clatter of plates being set up, the chatter of little Fifi in the halls, and Stella's footsteps carrying from the kitchen. None of those things occurred that morning, save for the soft, light footsteps Norma knew to be Sophie's They didn't last long, though, before they retreated and Norma fuzzily heard a door click shut. Still fuzzy from sleep, she rubs her eyes, gets up, and heads out to the kitchen, somewhat apprehensive. She didn't sleep well that night, what with Moses leaving...the idiot.

Her anxiety is through the roof as she doesn't hear or smell the familiar goings-on of the kitchen that became so routine. The kitchen was empty, barren almost, and Norma swallows hard before quickly heading toward Stella's room. She opens the door, only to see little Sophie look back at her curiously from her spot on the floor, examining a few simple items. The shared silence between them, and the emptiness of the room, other than the little girl, and the few items and notes is telltale.

Stella's gone, too.

Taking a deep breath, Norma opens the door wider and invites Sophie to wait for breakfast, which she'll make this morning. Once the girl wanders off, Norma goes to inspect the items. Huh, seeds for grune. That made sense. And...what's this? "For Asch". A...necklace? It had Relares on it. Relares that Norma translated in the blink of an eye.

Almost mechanically, she heads to her room, picks up her journal, and gives the sobering news. She doesn't care that she's still in her pajamas, that her hair's a mess, and that she promised to make breakfast.]

Sweetie--...Stella's gone home, too. [Home to die.] If anyone knew her. ...Fifi's still around, though.

[Norma pauses, putting a hand over the journal and closing her eyes. She's tempted to just leave it at that, but after a moment, she adds, filtered--]

[Private to Asch | 90%]

Yo, Chuckles. Sweetie left you something here. So, you better come and get it or else-- [Norma has to pause again, to bite back the words "or else I'll kick your ass". It wasn't his fault, and Norma was just distressed. That's two in the span of a few days.] ...Or else I'll pawn it off to the first person willing to trade something valuable for it.
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[Anyone out in the forest today, closer to the western lake, will notice that a single clearing there has turned dead and desolate. The trees are all gnarled and dead, the earth is cracked and dry, and all that grows are weeds and dry grass. The forest clearing is also darker than usual. Though the trees around are dead, they're high, and knit closely together, much like a cage... There's definitely something sinister about this portion of the forest, if the hundreds of graying bones scattered around are any indication. Perhaps a battle took place, in the illusion cast by the awkward shifts, because along with the bones, a few swords just out from the earth as well, varying in shapes, sizes, and make.

However, that's not the usual part. The usual part is that a lone girl, dressed in nothing but the norm of a New Feather - the white, cotton sundress - lies curled among the bones, swords, and decaying land. She's fast asleep, breathing easily and unhindered. It seems she's unaware of the world around her, more focused on getting her much needed beauty sleep than the eerie feeling creeping around the clearing she rests in.

Needless to say, this New feather is out like a light, and she may need some...coercion to wake up. Hopefully no ones afraid of a few bones, dead trees, and dry grass, right? There couldn't possibly be anything lurking in the gloom...right?]

[OOC: Wow, LJ actually works for me today...

Anyway, Norma's fast asleep in a haunted clearing. Any and all attempts to rouse her will awaken the Sword Dancer, a nasty little jerkbag that likes to fight. It's a cursed monster of the Tales of series, so light/holy attacks will work best on it! It's not gonna be AS difficult as its other forms, so it should go, fairly easily, though of course danger/injury is a given. If you wanna go for more serious damage, go for it, but this isn't meant to be THAT hard a battle.]
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